Social Sciences Student Union

At Lund University

The student union for all students at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University

Social Sciences Student Union is one of nine student unions at Lund University who work tirelessly to secure the rights you have as a student. We work to monitor and improve the education at LU, and to help you if you encounter problems related to your studies. We also work to make contact between students and the labour market, as well as organizing social events for our members.

Information about the Representative Assembly

The Representative Assembly elections are over, and the call for this spring’s Representative Assembly meeting has been sent out to the elected Members. Find important dates and other information about the Representative Assembly here:

Apply to our positions of trust 2022/2023!

Get active in the student union next year! Apply to our positions of trust for 2022/2023 no later than April 6th. Click below to see all announced positions and how to apply:

Get active!

Within the Social Sciences Student Union, there is plenty you can do in order to make your time at University count even more, both for you and your fellow students.

Do you need help?

Have you encountered problems related to your education or do you feel like something is not right at the university? We are here to help!

Student representatives

Students at Lund university have a lots of power. There are more than 150 student representatives at the faculty.

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Are you new in Lund?

Make sure to find a Novice Period to join!

Are you a newly enrolled student at Lund University looking for a Novice Period to join? We help you find the student association affiliated to your course or programme. We at the Union also organize our own Novice Period for students without an association to turn to.

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