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The student union for all students at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University

Social Sciences Student Union is one of nine student unions at Lund University who work tirelessly to secure the rights you have as a student. We work to monitor and improve the education at LU, and to help you if you encounter problems related to your studies. We also work to make contact between students and the labour market, as well as organizing social events for our members.

Representative Assembly Spring 2023 – Meeting documents available!

Dear members of the Social Sciences Student Union! The agenda and the meeting documents for the Representative Assembly meeting VT23 on May 20-21 are now available!

Nominating Councils list of nominees are now made public!

Here you can find the nominating councils nominations.

Anyone can counter-candidate to positions with nominated candidates until 14 May. For positions that do not have a nominated candidate, there is usually an opportunity to apply on the spot during the meeting. The Election points will all be taken on Sunday.

N.B. If you, as someone counter-candidating, want your candidacy to be part of the meeting documents, you must submit your counter-candidacy no later than 14 May. All counter-candidates will have the opportunity to submit a text where they introduce themselves and let the RA know why they are running. Send your counter-candidacy to!

Get active!

Within the Social Sciences Student Union, there is plenty you can do in order to make your time at University count even more, both for you and your fellow students.

Do you need help?

Have you encountered problems related to your education or do you feel like something is not right at the university? We are here to help!

Student representatives

Students at Lund university have a lots of power. There are more than 150 student representatives at the faculty.

Summons for the Representative Assembly meeting

Dear members of the Social Sciences Student Union! You are hereby summoned to the Representative Assembly meeting of the Social Sciences Student Union on 20-21 May 2023.

Important dates:

– April 27: Last day to send in motions and interpellations

– April 28: Last day to apply and nominate for positions of trust for 2023/2024

– May 8: The agenda and documents for the meeting are sent out
– May 16: Opinion Square 1, 3-5 pm – May 18: Opinion Square 2, 5-7pm – May 20-21: The Representative Assembly meeting
3-5 pm
– May 18: Opinion Square 2, 5-7pm
– May 20-21: The Representative Assembly meeting

The Representative Assembly meeting will take place on 20-21 May in Palestra Lower Auditorium. We will have two action-packed days with many interesting discussions and decisions.


During the Representative Assembly meeting, elections will be held for all positions of trust within the student union for the coming year. All positions open for election have been announced on the website ( and the last day to candidate or nominate is on the 28th of April. The Nominating Council is conducting interviews and will be suggesting (nominating) candidates to the RA based on the interviews and other material submitted by the candidates.

Motions and interpellations

All members can bring errands for the Representative Assembly to discuss by sending in their own suggestions, or questions to those who hold positions of trust within the student union. A submitted suggestion is called a motion and a question to someone in a position of trust is called an interpellation. The deadline to send in motions and interpellations is 27th of April, 11.59 PM. You can read more about how to go about sending a motion or an interpellation here:

Do you have any questions, large or small? Send an email to!

Active members – Look here!


The Social Sciences Student Union hereby announces the opening of the election period for positions of trust for the operating year of 2023/2024. You can apply starting the 15th of April, with the period closing on April 28th.

Earning a position of trust means that you have the power to improve the union. Keep an eye on our social media for more infromation about the positions. Apply to a position of trust through this form. Do you know someone that would be perfect for a position in the Student Union? Nominate them through this form.

We look forward to seeing your applications!

/ the Nominating Council

Representative Assembly 20th – 21th May:

Candidates are announced!

The candidacies have now been announced on the Representative Assembly website! You haven’t missed that it’s soon the Representative Assembly, have you? 🧩This is our largest decision-making body, here the delegates of the RA decides what the Student Union should focus on and change. It is also the RA that has the power to elect people to positions of trust within the Student Union You students now have the right to vote for who you want to see as delegates of the RA. Go in to where you can read more about the candidacies right now and don’t forget to vote between 27th of March – 7th of April!

Summons for Plutos spring meeting 2023

Dear students at The Department of Human Geography (KEG)! You are invited to attend your section Plutos spring meeting to elect candidates for the trusted positions for the next fiscal year of 23/24.

The spring meeting that will be held on the 10th of May 18:00 in Världen at Geocentrum 1.

The Application form is now opened! Apply or nominate today!

Important dates to add in your calendars:

18th of April: Earliest day to send in a candidacy or nomination

28th of April: the last day to send in motions

3rd of May: the last day to send in a candidacy or nomination

3rd of May: the documents for the meeting will be available for all members.

10th of May: The spring meeting of 2023

Anton Silverbern
President of the Social Sciences Student Union

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