About the Student Union

The Social Sciences Student Union works with quality assurance and educational coverage at the faculty of social science. But our actual task is much wider than that: We create job fairs, business connected mentorship programs, social activities etc. where students get a chance to meet, interact and create projects. The union is important to continue to improve our educations, but also to maintain a good relationship between students, the professors and the faculty and university leadership. The union aims to ensure that you will learn and experience as much as possible in your education, we are the platform where change is possible. This could be arranging discussions and debates outside of class, between lectures, or to be involved as a student representative, work with arranging job fairs or govern larger projects and host student political opinion. At the student union, there is something for everyone! Surf through our page and read about the different project groups or get in touch with your student representatives or the presiding committee in charge.

Structure of the Student Union

The Social Sciences Student Union consist of different decision making bodies, the highest of them is the Representative Assembly (RA) which consists of students, elected by their fellow students. If you are a member in Samhällsvetarkåren you are allowed to vote in the election for the Representative Assembly and you are allowed to candidate to all our elections. The Representative Assembly elects five people who work fulltime at the Student Union. The Representative Assembly also elects the Board which consists of six students and three of the fulltimers, the so-called presiding committee. Below the Representative Assembly, there are three committees; the education committee, the labour market committee and the event committee. These are open for all students to join. Samhällsvetarkåren also has three sections; The interdisciplinary section Pluto, the Helsingborg based section Agora and Socionomsektionen.