The Swedish National Union of Students (SFS) is a national association of student unions at Swedish universities. Through its around 50 member student unions SFS represents 340 000 students. SFS is the united student voice of Sweden pursuing student politics on national and international level. As the students’ collective voice, SFS’ primary purpose is to represent its members’ and students’ interests by advocating for matters that are important to students. The great diversity among SFS’ member student unions enables SFS to represent students with different circumstances and educational backgrounds. This gives SFS a unique opportunity to speak for the joint student collective, making SFS an important actor in decisions on higher education. Every spring, all SFS member student unions gather to decide on important matters and focus issues at the SFS general assembly meeting.

The Social Sciences Student Union is a proud and long-time member of SFS. We believe SFS to be a great arena for us to advocate for our students’ interests on a national and international level as well as to collaborate with other student unions. Together with the other SFS member student unions in Lund, we make up Lund University Alliance (LUA). Every year, the Social Sciences Student Union sends a delegation to the SFS general assembly meeting to make sure that our students’ voices get heard! For further inquiries, contact pres.stu@samvetet.lu.se.