What is Studentlund?

The Studentlund membership makes you a member of a nation, the Academic Society as well as a student union – it is three memberships in one! Being a member of Studentlund gives you access to a wide range of the activities that the student life in Lund has to offer.

To become a member of Studentlund, follow these easy steps:

  1. First, get in the system. Go to Studentlund’s web page.
  2. Upload your admission confirmation (antagningsbesked) in pdf format.
  3. Type in your contact details, verify that the info is correct, and pay the membership fee.
  4. Choose your nation to complete the membership. At Studentlund’s page about the nations, you can learn more about all of them.
  5. Get to the nation’s office during the enrollment period (inskrivning) and tell them you want to become a member. Bring your ID and certificate of payment from the Studentlund website.
  6. You’re all done!

You are now a member of Studentlund and can enjoy the rich student life as well as some nice student discounts! Download the Studentkortet app to have your card at hand at all times. If you have paid by card or swish while registering your membership should be available within hours. You will also receive a plastic card to the address you have stated within 14 days. On the webpage, you have the opportunity to print a payment certificate that you can use to get into nations and student union activities until your plastic card arrives.


I can’t pay the membership fee on the website

Try using another internet browser or to authorize your card to be used for internet purchases. Please note you cannot use an American Express card to pay. You can also pay with both Swish and Bankgiro.

I only want to be a member of the student union and not a nation or AF.

To become a member of The Social Sciences Student Union you need to be a member of Studentlund. If you study at Lund University but in another town such as Helsingborg or if you are taking a distance course, there is an exception to this rule. You can then choose to be a member only of the student union.

My plastic card hasn’t arrived.

Your plastic card will take up to 14 days to be made and sent. You need to have an address in Sweden for the plastic card to be sent. If you still haven’t received your card within 14 days, please visit us during our drop-in and we’ll help you.

My card doesn’t look right in the Studentkortet app.

If you haven’t enrolled in a nation your Studentlund-membership is not complete and hence not valid. Please visit a nation to enroll.

My digital card was correct but now it is gray.

If your card has turned gray, it means that you didn’t enroll in any nation within the enrollment period. This is called an undefined nation card and is not valid within Lund’s student life. However don’t worry, you can go to any nation and enroll. Only then you’re eligible to take part in all Studentlund activities.

My Studentkort says that I’m a member of another student union.

The membership system is designed to automatically know which student union you belong to, depending on what you study. If you have been assigned the wrong student union, please come in during our drop in hours and we will help you fix it. We can only help you if you haven’t already paid the membership fee for this semester, so make sure it’s correct before you pay!

I was previously a member but haven’t been paying the membership fee the last semester. I want to pay now and be a member again.

You will automatically have been removed as a member. You need register in the system. If you don’t have a new admission decision, upload your registration certificate (registreringsintyg) instead. You can find it in Ladok.

More about Studentlund

Studentlund is a co-operation that consists of the nations in Lund, the student unions and the Academic Society. Studentlund offers many opportunities to develop as a person and to gain valuable skills and experiences from outside of the lecture halls. A membership with Studentlund is not just unique but it is also one of the strongest contributing factors as to why new students continuously choose to study in Lund each semester. It is a joint-membership that includes all of the three previously mentioned organisations in one membership that gives you access to all the things that make Lund such a great city to study in.

The Academic Society (AF) is a non-profit organization for students with the goal to collect and extend cultural activities at Lund University. By offering arranged events in the AF building, AF enables associations and individuals to conduct small and large events that enrich Lund’s student life. The AF building is the students’ building that among other things provides study places in Café Athen. At night, the AF-building is the center for many of the activities that the AF’s committees and associations organize. AF also provides housing through the foundation AFB that rents nearly 6,000 homes exclusively to students, making AFB Lund’s largest student housing company.

The nations’ main task is with social activities outside of your studies. The majority of the nations’ activities consists of restaurants, pubs and nightclub, as well as sports activities, newspapers, choirs, scholarships, housing and much more. To get access to a specific nation’s housing you are required to be a member of that particular nation.