Soha Kadhim


Responsible for Student Welfare Matters

0727-13 50 44

You can contact me with questions about Studentlund, Academic Society (AF), the student union’s economy, national educational politics or if you have problems with admission, study environment, resources or disciplinary measures. You can also contact me if you have been discriminated or been (sexually) harassed within your studies or within the student union.

Anaïs Le Pluart

Vice President

Responsible for General University Matters

0727-13 50 77

You can contact me if you have any questions about general university matters at Lund university, LUS, or regarding quality aspects of your education, syllabi and the board of the Social Sciences student union.

Viktor Sundt

Responsible for General Faculty Matters

Vice President

0727-13 50 66

You can contact me with questions about the representative assembly, student representation, examination, course introductions, course administration and disciplinary measures.

Irina Martin

Event Coordinator

0727-13 50 55

You can contact me regarding house bookings, if you want to start a project, questions about getting active in the event committee or if you have other questions about social events.

Daniela Dolenec

Labour Market Coordinator

0727-13 52 22

You can contact me regarding labour market matters such as case-events, alumni, the career fair SAMarbete and general contact with the work life.


The activity auditors oversee and review the work of the board and fulltimers during the academic year. Members should direct issues or questions about the running of the organisation to the relevant fulltimer or board member. If a member feels unable to bring an issue to a fulltimer or board member, or feels that the issue is serious and still unresolved after contacting the relevant person, they have the right to bring the issue to the auditors. The auditors can be contacted, in Swedish or English, at It is important to note that auditors do not handle or assess political questions.