Student Errand

A student errand is when one or more students encounter problems in their education and need some form of help, support or guidance to solve the problem or to move on. A student errand can be anything that affects your studies, such as grades, teachers’ pedagogy, physical and mental study environment, plagiarism or harassment.

Student errands are handled by the responsible for education at the sections or by the Social Sciences Student Union’s Presidium (which consists of the president and the two vice-presidents). These people do not have a reporting obligation to the university and will not proceed with what they have been informed about to anyone without the student’s consent.

The Social Sciences Student Union has an advisory function when it comes to student errands. We can assist with advice and guidance in student errands, but it is the student self who chooses how the errand is to be taken further. If the student wishes, the union can participate in meetings or handle part of the contact with the affected parties, but this is only done in consultation with the student. You as a student can also contact the Studentombudet at any time for help. Studentombudet is employed by the student unions in Lund and assists students and student unions with help in student errands.

You can contact the Union on and Studentombudet at