The statues regulate the structure and process of how we work and function. Please note that the English version is a translation and not the document itself.


The by-laws describe the structure of the union and its positions of trust in a more in-depth manner.

Opinion Programme

Dictates the student union’s opinions and standpoints in specific questions. All our representatives are expected follow this document.

Action Plan

The action plan holds the concrete goals for the union during the current fiscal year. The action plan has been formulated by the previous board.

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Strategic Plan

The Strategic plan is a 3-year plan that guides the student union it its organisational work as well as in writing the annual action plan.  


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Political Action Plan

The political action plan establishes the focus points for the student union regarding issues of education and prerequisites for studies.

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Board Meeting Documents and Protocols

Here you can access shared folders containing protocols and appended documents from the board meetings.

Representative Assembly Documents

Here you can access shared folders containing protocols and other documents from the Representative Assembly meetings.

Equality Policy

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Financial Policy

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Climate, Environment and Transport Policy

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Guidelines for Decorations

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