1995 Lund Social Sciences Student Union is founded. In November 2011, the union changes its name to the Social Sciences Student Union at Lund University due to the union’s activities at Campus Helsingborg being expanded.

2002 This and the following year, the student union had a party election to the Representative Assembly. Red Forum and Free Students In Cooperation are two of the parties. For the first time, the student union’s chairman and deputy will have a joint term.

2002 the student union celebrates its 10th anniversary with a big party at Lund’s nation in March.

2007/08 The student union is visible in the national media after reporting the psychologist program to the National Agency for Higher Education due to the fees for self-therapy and when the student union bond inquiry is presented, the union’s then President, as the sole union representative, speaks in Rapport (SVT news program).

2008/09 Negin Nazari wins the battle for the Mikrolog in the faculty board after years of fight. Now the students have their own lunch room!

2009/10 will be the first fiscal year the student union had three full-timers; one President and two Vice Presidents. Previously, there was only one president and one vice president.

2010 The labor market day Hybrid is arranged for the first time in collaboration with the Humanist Student Union (today’s HTS was formed one year later).

2010 The student union was reorganized as the Student union obligatory disappeared. Previously, we had represented students at the Faculty of Social Sciences in addition to the School of Social work (which had its own student union, LSHS), as well as the systems scientists at the School of Economics. Now the boundaries were drawn (after pressure from the Vice Chancellor, something we wildly protested against) and the Social Sciences Student Union now represented all students at the faculty, incl. our new friends in Helsingborg who previously belonged to Lundaekonomerna. The systems scientists, on the other hand, became Lundaekonomerna memebers.

2010 All unions became members of LUS after extensive changes to the statutes and major conflicts. Studentlund was formed, which was also extremely controversial.

2010/11 The union gets four fulltimers for the first time. Speak up days are launched.

2011 Samvetet was renovated – we repainted and bought new furniture.

2013 The Social Sciences Student Union won gold in the Tandem Relay.

2014 We arranged for the first time the Social Scientists’ own labor market day SAMarbete, previously this had been done together with HTS and then the labor market day was called Hybrid.

2015 The Faculty of Social Sciences turned 50 years old. The Social Sciences Student Union was given the task of arranging the party in the heart of Paradise. In connection with the anniversary, a book was also written in which former union graduates were allowed to write two chapters.

2018 The Social Scientists’ Banquet Carpe Conscientiam will be transformed into the Social Sciences Ball “Samhällsvetarbalen”. The tickets sold out within a few minutes, about two hundred students participated.

2020 The Social Sciences Student Union strikes big and celebrates its 25th anniversary in Sparbanken arena, over six hundred people participated and the ball became the largest ball in 2020 in all of Western Europe as the Nobel Prize banquet was canceled due to the pandemic.