The fulltimers are students who take a one year break from their studies and work full time at the student union. There are five full time positions, three presidials, and two coordinators. The event coordinator is the only fulltimer role which can be held by a non-swedish speaking student.

Responsible for General University Matters (Pres. Uni)

Is responsible to have connection to the other student unions in Lund and their work. Pres. Uni is also the one responsible to represent the student union’s collective voice through Lund University Student Union (LUS). Pres. Uni is also responsible for the quality assurance and is one of two student representatives in the faculty’s education council, the group for quality assurance as well as the course syllabus group.

Presidial Responsible for Student Welfare Matters (Pres. Stu)

The presidial responsible for student welfare matters handles equality matters internally, runs the student union economy, and works on a national level with student politics e.g. through SFS representation.

Presidial Responsible for General Faculty Matters (Pres. Fak)

The presidial responsible for general faculty matters is responsible for the coordination and registering of student representatives and study councils, the work with study- and learning environments and contact with the faculty management.

Event Coordinator *No Swedish required!*

The Event Coordinator primarily works to organise social events with the aim to; welcome new students at the faculty and ease the transition into student life, encourage members to know and recognise the student union and increase interest in becoming active, and to thank currently active members for their contributions to the work of the student union. Some key events include Slaget om Samvetet, the Novice Period, Samhällsvetarbalen, the Christmas and Spring parties, and Tandem. The Event Coordinator recruits committees and project groups for these events, and acts as the overall financial and logistical responsible for them. The Event Coordinator is the chairperson of the event committee, and has responsibility for the student union house, Samvetet. The Event Coordinator is also responsible for the Project Fund where students can apply for project funding to an event that benefits students at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The event coordinator is the only fulltimer role which can be held by a non-swedish speaking student.

Read more about the position here.

Labour Market Coordinator

The Labour Market Coordinator primarily works with planning and carrying through the student union’s operations and activities directed at preparing social sciences students for the labour market. This is done by arranging different events like lectures, workshops, panel discussions and more. By being in contact with alumni networks and coordinating mentorship programs. By assisting the program associations and sections in their labour market work. By actively informing the members about current labour market preparatory possibilities. The Labour Market Coordinator is also responsible for arranging the annual labour market day SAMarbete, and does so together with a project group.


The president of the student union is responsible for coordinating the fulltimers and the political work of the student union. Besides, the president is also the media spokesperson for the student union, and represents the union at ceremonial occasions. The president position is held by one of the presidials (Pres.Uni, Pres.Stu, or Pres.Fak), and the other two presidials are vice presidents.

The Board (6 positions) *No Swedish required*

The board consists of six students, as well as the presidium. The board members work closely with the fulltimers with the daily activities, and are also preparatory for the Representative Assembly. This work involves dealing with the operative work of the student union, such as concretisation and implementation of the action plan, election of student representatives, following up on the work of the fulltimers, and holding delegated financial responsibility. The board also has employer responsibility for the fulltimers, which means they have the obligation to monitor their wellbeing and create a healthy work environment. The board is elected in the spring and sits for 1 year. The board is expected to attend a three-hour-long board meeting once every 2 weeks. The board also holds responsibility for sharing the workload of drop-ins, afterworks, and other logistical work of the student union. In addition, board members are relied upon to represent the organisation at internal and external events, and provide operational support to the fulltimers and their events where needed. The board members are also expected to work with the fulltimers in working groups, to implement the action plan.

Positions of trust outside the Board and Fulltimers

Vice Event Coordinator (1 position) *No Swedish required*

The Vice Event Coordinators main job is to assist the Event Coordinator. The Vice Event Coordinator also holds a special responsibility for Slaget om Samvetet. The time commitment can often be decided together with the Event Coordinator depending on how much time you have free. However a minimum of 5 hours a week would be needed to complete the basic work that the role entails.

Vice labour market coordinator (1 position) *No Swedish required*

The Vice labour market coordinators main job is to assist the labour market coordinator. This often means that you would be project leader for at least one group under the labour market. The time commitment can often be decided together with the labour market coordinator depending on how much time you have free. However a minimum of 5 hours a week would be needed to complete the basic work that the role entails.

The Auditors (1 financial auditor, 2 activity auditors)

The main responsibilities of the auditors are to evaluate the board, on behalf of the Representative Assembly, in order to find out if the board acted according to the steering documents and with the decisions of the representative assembly. The auditors focus on the organisation itself, that the board has ensured that the organisation is managed appropriately. The auditors can also offer advice on matters to the board. The mandate period for the auditors lasts a whole year. So be prepared to act during the whole year.

Gathering the necessary information and documentation needed to create a proper audit report is the most time-consuming task. Prepare to devote at least a weekend for writing the actual report. Gathering the needed materials can be done continuously throughout the year to avoid a peak in the workload come autumn and the finalization of the report. The rest of the year you should always be available to offer advice per e-mail or phone, and it is beneficial to attend the representative assembly meetings and preferably a board meeting or two.

Election committee *No Swedish required*

The election committee is in charge of the election of the Representative Assembly, held every fall and spring. Since the ordinary meetings for the RA are held once a semester, the election committee is responsible for one election. To the election, all members of the student union have the right to vote for who they think should be part of the student union’s highest decision making body. The election committee is responsible for encouraging people to candidate and presenting the candidates to the members for the election. The committee also organizes the election itself, and works to make the process as democratic and representative as possible. After the election, the committee is expected to count the votes and present the result for the RA to the members of the union.

Education committee presidium (1 vacant position as chairperson, 1 vacant position as vice chairperson)

The education committee is responsible for and handles educational matters and student welfare matters within the student union, as well as coordinates the student union’s study councils. The education committee acts preparatory for the representative assembly in educational and student welfare matters.

The chairperson and vice chairperson are obligated to lead the committee’s work and meetings. The chairperson and vice chairperson shall also be of help for the board in errands regarding the education monitoring and educational matters.

Chairperson for study council *No Swedish required*

(1 vacant position at each of the following departments:

  • Gender Studies
  • Communication and Media
  • Human Geography
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Sociology of Law
  • Political Science

Each department or section should have a study council. The council gathers the student representatives at the department and is tasked with handling educational and student welfare matters that are relevant for the area that the study councils acts within. As the chairperson of the study council you are obligated to lead the councils work and meetings. You are also the council’s representative in the education committee.

Nominating council *No Swedish required* (1 vacant position as chairperson, 4 vacant position as ordinary members, 2 vacant positions as alternate members)

The nominating council prepares the elections for the Representative Assembly. This means the nominating council interview candidates for internal positions of trust, such as the board and the fulltimers. After the interviews they nominate one person per position, or decide to propose to leave it vacant. The main responsibilities are preparing role descriptions, requirement profiles, cases, conducting interviews, discussing and analysing candidates, and preparing recommendations for the Representative Assembly. The text you are reading right now has been prepared by the nominating council.

SFSFUM-delegates (5 vacant positions)

The SFS FUM delegates are responsible for representing the Social Sciences Student Union in Sweden United Student Unions’ (SFS) highest decision-making body at their annual spring meeting. The delegates also participate in the preparatory work, by discussing propositions, motions and other meeting documents and propose changes by writing motions together with the delegations of the other student unions in Lund University’s alliance (LUA).

LUS (Lunds universitets studentkårer) Nominating Council

LUS is the umbrella organization for all student unions in Lund. Each student union at Lund University elects one representative to LUS Nominating Council. LUS Nominating Council handles all candidacies to LUS presidium for the upcoming year, as well as all student representatives’ candidacies. Are you interested in recruitment and how student representation works on a university level? Then this position is something for you!