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The Social Sciences Student Union is the student union at the faculty of social sciences at Lund University. Lund university is often a top-ranked university in the world. The Social Sciences Student Union has around 6 000 members studying either programmes or freestanding courses at the faculty.

Are you interested in arranging an event or marketing your company for Swedish students? It can be a brunch seminar, a lunch lecture, a panel discussion a study visit, a challenging case or a theme pub. Then you should reach out to Arbetsmarknadskommittén, that targets Swedish students. Contact them via
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Are you interested in reaching out to international students instead? Then you should contact iProject, which is our international project group. You reach them via
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Do you wish to reach out to the students or brand your company in another way? For example, via social media, newsletter, posters or on-site on campus. Then you should contact the labour market coordinator via
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The career fair is a great opportunity for corporates and social sciences students at Lund University to meet and network; a place where experience and knowledge are gathered at one place. The purpose is to inspire students and help them get a better insigt in what knowledge they have as social scientists, but also what qualifications that are demanded on the labour market. SAMarbetet gives students and organisations a place to meet, in the role as potential employers and co-workers.

SAMarbete targets on around 6 500 social sciences students at Lunds University. SAMarbete took place 2014 for the fist time and has grown every year. The fair consits of exhibiting organisations that have an interest to meet and offer social sciences students part-time jobs, internshiops, subject for thesis and not but not least future careers. At SAMarbete students with many different knowledges gather. Everything from political scientists and communications officers to HR students and social workers. For more in formation about the educations represented at the faceulty of Social Sciences, refer to the faculty’s webpage.

Qualifications that social scientists have are general and adaptative, knowledge that is necessary at all workplaces and organisations. Some words to decribe social scientists are: problem-solvers, analytical, communicative, critically thinking, team players, adaptative and good at understanding complex relations.

SAMarbete helps students to understand what the labour market can offer.

Are you interested in exhibiting, sponsoring or arranging an event before, during or after the fair? Then you should contact the labour market coordinator via
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The Social Sciences Student Union uses LinkedIn! For labour market related updates about the fair and other things.