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The Social Sciences Student Union is the student union at the faculty of social sciences at Lund University. Lund university is often a top-ranked university in the world. The Social Sciences Student Union has around 6 000 members studying either programmes or freestanding courses at the faculty.

The Social Sciences Student union offers several alternatives for the ones who want to reach out to students and contribute to the utility of our students Among the alternatives, we can for example offer:

  • Visibility on campus, in our newsletter or on social media
  • Invite our students to visit your office, a case, a pub evening or something else
  • Exhibit on the largest career fair for social scientists in Sweden
  • Participate in one of our CSN-lunches throughout the year

Visibility physically or online

Do you want to reach out student by being visible on campus, in newsletter or social media, alternatively invite us to your office or a case?


Do you want to participate in or sponsor one of our regular CSN-lunches on the 24:th every month?


Do you want to exhibit at Sweden’s largest career fair for social scientists?

Then you should contact the labour market coordinator!

Fill out a notice on interest and we will contact you

Visit for more information

Do you have another request? Please contact the labour market coordinator and we will make sure to find something suitable for you.