Labour Market

Interested in organizing labour market events?

The Social Sciences Student Union works with connecting students with the labour market and bringing them closer together. We also strive towards strengthening the identity of social scientists and making sure they, as well as the labour market, understand the social sciences students’ specific and unique competences. In order to accomplish this we organize case-events, inspirational and informative lectures, mentorship programmes and a yearly labour market fair called SAMarbete.

If you have any questions regarding our work with labour market matters or wish to get involved, please contact our labour market coordinator at You should also check out our Facebook page for upcoming events!

Vice Labour Market Coordinator

The Vice labour market coordinator’s main job is to assist the labour market coordinator. This often means that you would be project leader for at least one group under the labour market area, that you help with developing different organizational matters or that you act as a support function in the expansion of the alumni network. The vice labour market coordinator is a position of trust and is chosen by the representative assembly.

The time commitment can often be decided together with the labour market coordinator depending on how much time you have free. However a minimum of 5 hours a week would be needed to complete the basic work that the role entails. The vice labour market coordinator is in continuous contact with the labour market coordinator throughout the year. Vice labour market coordinator for the operational year 2022/2023 is Towe Berger.