Labour Market

The Social Sciences Student Union works with connecting the student to the labour market…

…and connecting them to each other. We are also striving to strengthen the common identity among social scientists. And, furthermore to make sure that both the students and the labour market understand the social scientists’ specific and unique competences. In order to accomplish this, we arrange case-events, inspirational and informative lecures and the annual career fair SAMarbete.

If you have any questions regarding our work with labour market matters or interested in getting involved, please contact the labour market coordinator via . Please check out our Facebook, LinkedIn och Instagram for upcoming events.

Vice Labour Market Coordinator

Vice labour market coordinator’s role is to support the labour market coordinator. The vice coordinator often leads a project group, supports with organisational work or manages the alumni relations. Vice labour market coordinator is a position of trust, elected by the Representative assembly.

The time committment is agreed with the labour market coordinator. It takes around five hours per week to finish the taks. The vice coordintor has continously contact with the labour market coordinator throughout the whole year. The position is vacant and will be by-elected by the board