Journalistklubben is a mentorship program for students at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University who have an interest in journalism. The mentorship program is administered by the Department of Political Science, the Social Sciences Student Union and Lund University’s Political and Economic Association (LUPEF). The mentors are well-established journalists and communicators who previously studied at Lund University. It is a multifaceted group with experience in, for example, cultural journalism, external analysis, think tanks, executive journalism and radio production. The mentorship program gives you who have talent and interest in journalism and communication an opportunity to develop your skills, get to know established journalists and gain insight into the media industry. Mentors who have previously participated are Martin Tunström: Political Editor-in-Chief at Barometern-OT, Rakel Chukri: cultural director at Sydsvenskan and Per Svensson: writer for DN’s culture section.

Journalistklubben goes out with applications during the Autumn semester and has the recruitment ready before December. The mentorship program takes place during the spring semester. The participants decide together with their respective mentors what the collaboration should look like, which makes it possible to adapt the content to one’s own interests. In addition to this, Journalistklubben organizes regular meetings where all trainees and mentors are welcome for workshops and discussion. For further inquiries, contact

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