SAMarbete Project Group

SAMarbete is a labor market fair for social scientists. The purpose of SAMarbete is to create a place for employers and students to network. It is also a place where students can be inspired, find paths to take after their studies and meet future employers. At the fair, there are organizations that can offer students part-time jobs, internships, subjects for bachelor’s and master’s theses and perhaps a future career. SAMarbete gives students the opportunity to create an understanding of what the labor market has to offer. Check out our website for more information about the labor market day.

The following are the positions within the project group

Project leader (1 person)

The project leader works closely with the Labour market coordinator at the Social Sciences Student Union. As the project leader, you have the overall view of the project and coordinate and support the different project group members. You have a strategic responsibility and make sure that the project group has the same vision and goals. You need to be able to plan your time well, have good leadership qualifications, be analytical and solve problems when they appear, as well as always know the next step in the project.

Head of Organisation Relations (3 people)

As Head of Organisations Relations you will be responsible for finding and contacting exhibitors for the labour market fair. It is therefore important to build a good relationship with the organisations and be service minded. As Head of Organisation Relations it is essential to be outgoing and not to be afraid of contacting new people. Furthermore, you need to be able to plan your time and work well since the organisation needs to be contacted some time in advance. This is a position with a lot of responsibility and it can bring a lot of valuable contacts for the future.

Head of Fair (1 person)

To be the Head of Fair for SAMarbete entails a responsibility for the program of the day; the content, preparations for activities as well as the layout of the fair. You are in charge of the details as well as the big picture. As Head of Fair you should be organized, structured and take your own initiatives. It is important to be able to juggle several things at the same time and manage your time well in order to minimize stress as the day approaches. You should also be able to work well in a group and delegate tasks strategically during the day.

Host Manager (2 persons)

To be Host Manager means that you are responsible for the recruitment of event hosts; the students that will help out both before and during the fair. You need to be able to work strategically and plan your work well, be sociable and like to have contact with new people. You are responsible for communicating all the information that the event hosts will need during the day. In the role, you need to be able to coordinate, handle stress and different types of personalities.

Head of Sponsoring (2 persons)

As Head of Sponsoring your task is to find sponsors who are willing to contribute with material for the fair, for example prices, food, drinks, things to put in goodiebags etc. It is important that you are social, outgoing and approachable as well as service minded.

Head of Communication (1 person)

As Head of Communication you will be in charge of all the external communication, marketing and making sure the students know about the fair. Creativity and an eye for colour and form is important – knowledge about Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign is a big advantage. Besides creativity, you also need to be able to plan ahead and form a communication strategy. A lot of things will take longer than one might think and it is therefore important to be one step ahead of the others. You will be in charge of making posters, brochures and digital material for the fair as well as updating the webpage and Facebook page.

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