Get involved for SAMarbete!

SAMarbete is a career fair for social scientists. The purpose is to create a space for employers and students to network. It is also a place where student can get inspired about their future career path and meet their future employer. At the fair, organisations exhibit to inform about internships, parttime jobs, thesis subjects and future career. SAMarbete gives students the opportunity to learn what the labour market can offer. This year’s fair takes place on the 2nd-3rd of March.

If you represent a company, please refer to

Project group
Be part of the planning of the biggest career fair for social scientists in Sweden – which turns 10 years this year! Except from meeting other students and being an active part of the student union, you will also get the chance to boost your cv, expand your network and learn more.

The project group is open for recruitment. The different areas of responsibilities are the following:

  • Head of corporate: Responsible for company relations and exhibition package sales.
  • Head of logistics: Responsible for the layout, programme and security.
  • Head of hosts: Recruiting hosts, arranging fun activities for them and leading their work.
  • Head of sponsors: Finds sponsors and plans fun competitions, prices and activities
  • Head of communication: Updates our social media and produces printed materials to exhibitors and visitors

Take the chance to work at SAMarbete 2023! As an event host at SAMarbete you will get to chance to help students and business business representatives to meet and talk about future career plans.

There are four different responsibility areas for event hosts: Lounge hosts, Organisation hosts, Activity hosts and Information hosts.

  • Lounge hosts are responsible for the food and refreshments for the day.
  • Exhibitor hosts take care of the exhibitors, show them to the right spot and hand out goodie bags.
  • Activity hosts have their own responsibility areas such as CV-audit, styling & photoshoot as well as career coaching.
  • Information hosts answer questions and show the visitors and exhibitors to the right place.

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