The board consists of the Student union’s president and two vice-presidents as well as five students that are elected for one fiscal year. The board works closely with the fulltimers with the day to day activities at the union and is preparatory for the Representative Assembly. This work involves and means dealing with questions closer to the operative work of the student union; such as concretisation and implementation of the action plan, voting in new student representatives at department level, keeping track of the fulltimers work environment, working with meeting the student unions yearly obligations and aspirations and establishing and reviewing the student unions policy documents. The board also prepares the decisions for the representative assembly that takes place twice a year. The board is active all year round. To know more about the tasks set for the board see the statutes and by-laws.

The board of 2022/2023 consists of Anton Silverbern, Rebecka Brorsson, Tori Jørgensen, Olivia Sjöberg, Irina Martin, Fideli Almgren, Laurine Palomba and Hakeem Abdul Kareem.