The function of the inspector and the proinspector is to advice and support the management of the student union’s work. The inspector and the proinspectors shall through their networks, both inside and outside of the Faculty of Social Science, be strongly contributing factors to the constant development of the student union in order to fulfill the purpose of the organisation. As inspector and proinspector it is important to be present at the recurring social activities of the student union. The inspector is expected to hold a speech at these events. If the inspector is unable to attend, the responsibility to hold a speech falls to the proinspector. As inspector it is important to have good knowledge about the student collective at the Faculty of Social Science. It is of the uttermost importance to actively work to maintain a good contact with the student union’s fulltimers and board.

Sebastian Persson


Helene Lahti Edmark


Anna Nilsson


Carin Brenner