Apply for positions of trust 2023/2024

Get involved in the student union next school year – apply for our positions of trust for 2023/2024!

The ordinary application period for positions advertised for election by the nominating council has now been opened! You can candidate from the 15th april to the 28th April by filling out this form. Take the chanse to apply for one of the positions mentioned above! We look forward to your applications!

The deadline for counter-candidates for positions with one of the candidates proposed by the nominating council has not yet been set. The chance to counter-candidate for positions without a proposed candidate (vacant) will be offered.

Submit your counter-candidacy to Candidates have the opportunity to present themselves verbally during the Representative Assemblys second meeting day, May 21. If you are prevented from participating, there is the option of submitting a text that will be read out to the Representative Assembly

The Nominating Council’s Nominations

Nominations to internal positions of trust 2023/2024
Here are the nominating council’s proposals for full-time, board, coordinators, etc. shortly.

Nominations to student representative positions 2023/2024
Here are the nominating council’s proposals for student representatives at faculty level and the departments shortly.

Questions about how to counter-candidate? Reach out to
Questions about the Nominating Council’s process? Reach out to