Candidate to be our Activity Auditor

Activity Auditors

Number of positions: 2 Activity Auditors, 2 Alternates
Term of mandate: 1 July 2023 – 30 June 2024 (audits the operational year 2023/2024, submits their audit report in December 2024).

The main responsibilities of the auditorsare to evaluate the board, on behalf of the Representative Assembly, in order to find out if the board acted according to the steering documents and with the decisions of the Representative Assembly. The auditors focus on the organisation itself, that the board has ensured that the organisation is managed appropriately. The auditors can also offer advice on matters to the board. The mandate period for the auditors lasts a whole year (July-June) and they submit their audit report to the following autumn Representative Assembly meeting. The Alternate activity auditor steps in in case the Ordinary activity auditor is unable to fulfill their responsibilities.

Gathering the necessary information and documentation needed to create a proper audit report is the most time-consuming task. Prepare to devote at least a weekend for writing the actual report. Gathering the needed materials can be done continuously throughout the year to avoid a peak in the workload come autumn and the finalization of the report. The rest of the year you should always be available to offer advice per e-mail or phone, and it is beneficial to attend the representative assembly meetings and preferably a board meeting or two.

The mandate and responsibilities of the Activity auditors is regulated in the statutes of the student union (§11) and in the by-laws, chapter 13. You can find the statutes and the by-laws along with other steering documents here.

If you have any questions about the role of auditor, you can reach out to!