Candidate to be a Fulltimer


Number of positions: 3 presidials och 2 coordinators
Term of mandate: 1 July 2023
– 30 June 2024

The fulltimers are students who take a one year break from their studies and work full time at the student union. There are five full time positions: three presidials and two coordinators. The Event coordinator is the only fulltimer role which can be held by a non-Swedish-speaking student.


The President of the student union is responsible for coordinating the fulltimers and the political work of the student union. Besides, the President is also the media spokesperson for the student union, and represents the union at ceremonial occasions. The President position is held by one of the presidials (Pres. uni, Pres. stu, or Pres. fak), and the other two presidials are Vice Presidents.

Presidial responsible for General University Matters (Pres. uni)

The Presidial responsible for General University Matters is responsible to have connection to the other student unions in Lund and their work. Pres. uni is also the one responsible to represent the student union’s collective voice through Lund University Student Union (LUS). Pres. uni is also responsible for the quality assurance and is one of two student representatives in the faculty’s Education Board, the group for quality assurance as well as the course syllabus committee.

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Presidial fesponsible for Student Welfare Matters (Pres. stu)

The Presidial responsible for Student Welfare Matters handles equality matters internally and is one of two student representatives in the faculty Committee for Gender Equality and Equal Treatment. Pres. runs the student union economy, cooperates with other student unions, nations and the Academic Society through the Studentlund partnership, and works on a national level with student politics e.g. through SFS representation.

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Presidial responsible for General Faculty Matters (Pres. fak)

The Presidial responsible for General Faculty Matters is responsible for the coordination and registering of student representatives and study councils, the work with study- and learning environments and contact with the faculty management, through its work as a student representative in the Faculty Board and Council of Heads of Department, among other groups. Pres. fak also supports the internal organs of the student union, and coordinates the Representative Assembly meetings.

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Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator primarily works to organise social events with the aim to; welcome new students at the faculty and ease the transition into student life, encourage members to know and recognise the student union and increase interest in becoming active, and to thank currently active members for their contributions to the work of the student union. Some key events include Slaget om Samvetet, the Novice Period, Samhällsvetarbalen, the Christmas and Spring parties, and Tandem.

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Labour Market Coordinator

The Labour Market Coordinator primarily works with planning and carrying through the student union’s operations and activities directed at preparing social sciences students for the labour market. This is done by arranging different events like lectures, workshops, panel discussions and more. By being in contact with alumni networks and coordinating mentorship programs. By assisting the program associations and sections in their labour market work. By actively informing the members about current labour market preparatory possibilities. The Labour Market Coordinator is also responsible for arranging the annual labour market day SAMarbete, and does so together with a project group.

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