Election Committee

Are you our next Election Committee member?

Number of positions: 1 Chairperson, 4 Members, 2 Alternates
Term of mandate: fall term 2023

1 chairperson – vacant

Member – Sho Ssk

3 members – vacant

2 Alternates – vacant

The Election Committee is in charge of the election of the Representative Assembly, held every fall and spring. Since the ordinary meetings for the RA are held once a semester, the Election Committee is responsible for one election. In the election, all members of the Social Sciences Student Union have the right to vote for who they want to see in the highest decision-making body of the student union. The Election Committee is responsible for encouraging people to candidate and presenting the candidates to the members for the election. The committee also organizes the election itself, and works to make the process as democratic and representative as possible.

The mandate and responsibilities of the Election Committee is regulated in the statutes of the student union (§8) and in the by-laws, chapter 12. You can find the statutes and the by-laws along with other steering documents here. You can also find more information about the role of Election Committee member in the Active Member’s Handbook.

If you have any questions about the work of the Election Committee, send an email to pres.fak@samvetet.org or come by the student union house during our drop-in hours: 11 AM-1 PM, Tuesdays & Thursdays at Sandgatan 9!