Candidate to the SFS FUM Delegation

Delegates to General Assembly of SFS (SFS FUM)

Number of positions: 4 Delegates
Term of mandate: 1 July 2022 – 30 June 2023

The SFS FUM delegates are responsible for representing the Social Sciences Student Union in Sweden United Student Unions’ (SFS) highest decision-making body at their annual spring meeting. The delegates also participate in the preparatory work, by discussing propositions, motions and other meeting documents and propose changes by writing motions together with the delegations of the other student unions in Lund University’s alliance (LUA). The work of the delegation takes place in Swedish.

You can learn more about the role as a SFS FUM Delegate in the by-laws, chapter 19 and in the Active Member’s Handbook. Any questions about the work of the SFS FUM Delegation can be sent to!