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Student representatives

Term of mandate: 1 July 2023 – 30 June 2024
Positions on following Departments and Faculty:

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As a student representative at the department level, you represent the students of your department in a department board, a steering group for a programme, or in a group on matters such as work environment or equality. In most groups, there are both ordinary student representative positions and alternate student representative positions. The difference is that the ordinary representative attends the group’s meetings in ordinary cases, and the alternate representative steps in when the ordinary is unable to attend. Both ordinary and alternate student representatives participate in the meetings of their department’s Study Council, and contribute to the Study Council’s discussions on the common priorities of the students at the department.

As a student representative at the faculty level, you represent all students at the faculty in either the Faculty Board, the Faculty Education Board or other groups that work with making faculty-wide decisions and on securing the education quality of the entire faculty. At the faculty level, the alternate student representatives are also involved in the work to a large extent. Faculty-level student representatives anchor their work with the student union Education Committee.

You can read more about what the role as a student representative entails in the by-laws, chapter 17 and in the Student Representative Handbook. Any questions on the work of student representatives can be sent to!