Department of Gender Studies

Term of mandate: 1 July 2022 – 30 June 2023
Positions in the following groups:

The work in all groups at the Department of Gender Studies takes place in Swedish.

Department Board

  • 2 Ordinary
  • 2 Alternates

The Department Board is the highest decision-making organ of the department, and makes important strategic decisions about the department’s education. The Department Board convenes four times per term.

As a student representative, your role is to speak on behalf of all students at the department, promote their interests and make sure that students’ rights are being followed with each decision.

Course Syllabus Committee

  • 1 Ordinary
  • 1 Alternate

The Course Syllabus Committee reviews and comments on all syllabi before they are sent to the Department Board for decision.

As a student representative, your role is to scrutinize the syllabi from a quality standpoint, and to ensure that students’ rights and interests are being taken into account.

Equality and Diversity Group

  • 1 Ordinary
  • 1 Alternate

The working group for gender equality, equal treatment and diversity has the task of identifying risks and proposing measures in terms of gender equality, equal treatment and diversity, and to together with the Head of Department further develop the equal treatment work at the department, for both students and all categories of staff.

As a student representative, your role is to speak on behalf of the students at your department, contribute with a student perspective in the discussions that take place and ensure that all students have access to equitable conditions in their education.

You can read more about what the role as a student representative entails in the by-laws, chapter 17 and in the Student Representative Handbook. Any questions on the work of student representatives can be sent to!

Want to lead the cooperation between the student representatives at your department, and represent your department in the Education Committee of the student union? Apply to be a Study Council Chairperson!