Any member of the Social Sciences Student Union can send a question to somebody who holds a position of trust in the student union, which is then called an interpellation. The person to whom the interpellation is aimed is shall send in a written response. Interpellations are not grounds for decisions but the RA will have to decide at the meeting whether or not to consider the interpellation answered. In other words, whether the answer was clear enough.

The Interpellations must be sent the 27th of April at the latest. The response to the interpellation is sent to the Representative Assembly along with the other meeting documents.

How to write an interpellation:

  1. Write a headline that briefly describes what the interpellation is about.
  2. Describe the background to the matter; why you sent in the interpellation and think it needs it to be answered.
  3. Finish by stating the question to the person or people holding the positions of trust, for example:
    “I would like the board to answer how the process of by-electing student representatives has worked.”
  4. Sign the interpellation with your name.
  5. Send it to, and and the person to whom the interpellation is addressed to on the 27th of April at the latest, preferably as a pdf.

What happens next?

The person who got the interpellation will give a written response to it that will be sent with the original interpellation to the Representative Assembly.

The Representative Assembly will then discuss the interpellation during its meeting and come to a decision as to if the interpellation has been answered or not.

I don’t know how to send my interpellation to the right person!

Send the interpellation to, and on the 27th of April at the latest and we will forward it to the correct person.

I have an idea but I don’t know how to write it down!

  1. Ask a friend to help you
  2. Ask someone who’s a member of the RA to help you
  3. Send an email to