The Communication’s Committee

The Communication’s committee primarily works with the Social Science Union’s external communication. We make sure the union’s graphical profile is consistent and produce all graphical material for social media and posters. We are also responsible for photographing events and the planning and publishing of information from the union. The group is divided into four subgroups with different responsibilities, still working close together. The sub-groups are social media, working with social media strategies, photography which takes the photos that are being used and photographs all events, graphic design which creates all graphic material for events and marketing and finally IT, which is responsible for the website and other technical matters.

If you are creative, interested in spreading messages and want to meet and work with other people, the Communication group is for you! Vendela Andersson is the project leader of the group and Fanny Nilsson is the Vice project leader of the group. If you wish to contact or become a member of the Communication group, please e-mail