At the Social Sciences Student Union we work with a lot of heavy and important questions, but we also have a lot of fun! We plan events, big and small, in order to welcome new students to the faculty, thank our active members and make the experience of the student life in Lund the best that it can be for all of our members. If you are interested in getting active within this area you can join a project group or the event committee.

Vice Event Coordinator

The Vice Event Coordinator’s main job is to assist the Event Coordinator. As Vice Event Coordinator you support the Event Coordinator in the planning and execution of events and you participate in meetings with the Event Committee. The Vice Event Coordinator is a position of trust and is chosen by the Representative Assembly. The Vice Event Coordinator also holds a special responsibility for the annual event Slaget om Samvetet. Slaget om Samvetet is an event that the student union organizes that includes all of the student union’s sections and programme associations where they compete in a tournament, the event is finished with a grand after party!
The time commitment can often be decided together with the Event Coordinator depending on how much time you have free. However a minimum of 5 hours a week would be needed to complete the basic work that the role entails. Vice event coordinator for the operational year 2021/2022 is Fideli Almgren.