Novice Period

The union starts off the autumn semester each year with 2 weeks of amazing activities for new students through our Novice Period! ➡️Sign up here and keep an eye on your email for upcoming information.

Since 2018 we have organised a novice period aimed at those studying social science at a freestanding course, or who study a programme which does not have its own programme association or section providing these kinds of activities. In this way we ‘catch’ those who could otherwise miss out and work to make sure that all social scientists get a great start in the Lund student life.

Do you want to be a part of creating a great start for new students, while taking part in fun events and getting to know amazing people? Then apply to become a mentor!


What is the role?

Mentors in Samhällsvetarkåren’s novice period take part in 2 weeks of events with new social science students, to help our novices settle in to life at Lund. The novice weeks will run from the beginning of the semester for two weeks, with event every few days. The mentor role includes providing information to novices about the events, planning group costumes in this year’s theme (TBA!), helping novices in your group bond and feel included, and acting as responsible during some events.

Interested in being a mentor, but not wanting to do it alone? Then sign up alongside your friends and request to be in the same mentor group. By that you can share the fun experience!

Time commitment

There is one information event/kick-off planned for late May, and another in late August. These are mandatory so mentors can get all the necessary information and meet their mentor groups. There will be some time commitment over the summer planning your costumes etc. but this is flexible and decided within your group. The main time commitment comes during the novice period itself, where mentors take part in events alongside their novice groups.

Head Mentors

There is also the opportunity to be a head mentor! Each mentor group will have its own head mentor. This person just helps to coordinate their mentor group, and is the main contact person between the mentor group and the student union. If you are interested in leadership, just mark that you would be interested in being a head mentor in the form.

If being a mentor sounds fun to you, contact

The Novice Period Project group

In order to arrange the novice period the student union has a Novice Period Project group! In the group you are part of a team that is responsible for the planning and execution of the novice period, this includes planning different events such as sittnings, pub quizzes, treasure hunts or whatever the group’s collective imagination can think of! In the project group there are several positions, read more about these below!

Project leader

As the project leader you are the main responsible for the planning and execution of the novice period, you are the leader of the novice period project group. In your work you delegate tasks to the project group, you call to meetings as well as chair the meetings. You are also responsible for communicating and collaborating with the Event Coordinator and responsible for reporting on the project to them! The position is recruited during the spring and works from March till September together with the Event Coordinator and project group. They’re also expected to work throughout the novice period and have time to complete an evaluation for the novice period.

Vice project leader and economic responsible

As vice project leader you are to act as a support for the project leader and for the whole project group! You are also responsible for making a budget for the novice period in collaboration with the project leader and group as well as for keeping an overview of the economy of the project throughout. In your work you also assist the project leader in managing the project and group e.g. calling for and running meetings, following up on the work and so on!

Mentor General

As a Mentor general you act as main responsible for recruiting, organising, and managing mentors. You also help to plan and run the mentor kickoff as well as keep mentors up to date on the project and what they should be doing/planning. As Mentor General you are also the one who assigns head mentors for each group and support them in their work!

Communications General

As Communications General you act as main responsible for creating graphical material to be used during the novice period, further, you have a close collaboration and continuous contact with the communications committeein creating all posts and events for social media! As Communications General you are also responsible for creating a welcome letter together with the event coordinator.

Novice General

As Novice General you act as main responsible for finding novices who want to take part in the novice period! You also create and manage the sign up system for the novice period and its events, further, you keep novices up to date e.g. what mentor group they are in, what they need and so on. As Novice General you are responsible for being visible during the novice weeks as a contact point for novices!

Activity General

As Activity General you plan the events of the novice weeks in line with our equality plan and the budget, you are also involved in booking suitable venues and other purchasing and organisational elements around the event. Further, you make timeplans and to-do plans for all events for the project group, mentors and novices to be distributed to the relevant groups. In your work organising the logistical work around all novice period events is also included!