Tandem is one of the most well known traditions in Lund

Tandem is one of the most well known traditions in Lund. Over a thousand students participate in the event, both nations, student unions and other associations go by bus to Gothenburg and race each other down to Lund again using only tandem bikes. The experience lasts during 36 hours with several party stops on the way. Here you will get the chance to compete against the weather and the other teams in an unforgettable race. Each Tandem-team has generals that organize food, costumes and other fun stuff for the whole team, as a thanks the generals get to join tandem for free!

Tandem occurs every year with the exception of the years when Lundakarnevalen is held. Keep a lookout for more information on our social media, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact event@samvetet.lu.se.

Tandem Generals

Tandem is organised by Idrottskollegiet centrally, and each participating organisation has Tandem generals who handle the work. Tandem generals work alongside the Event Coordinator to plan and carry out the event. The tandem generals main responsibilities are planning the Tandem experience for Samhällsvetarkåren’s students and act as coordinators during the actual Tandem days on the bus. The generals plan the marketing of the event, ticket release, theme, games on the bus and some logistical details for the days on the bus. The Tandem generals are usually recruited in early March and then meet about once a week to plan the event, which takes place in early May.

During the Tandem days, the generals are in charge of coordinating the riders and making sure rules and traffic regulations are followed, this means that they are expected to be sober. The generals are expected to be aware of the traffic regulations and the rules provided by Idrottskollegiet (IK) and are also expected to assist students participating if the various rules are not understood. Want to know more about the positions? Contact event@samvetet.lu.se!