The Ball Committee

Samhällsvetarbalen is the Social Sciences Student Union’s ball, held in Spring every year. The ball is designed to celebrate all social scientists in Lund, and to give our members a great reason to be proud of where they study!

Are you our next Ball Marshal?

The Ball Marshals are key workers during the ball! As a Marshal you represent the student union at Samhällsvetarbalen, you provide information and assistance to guests during the ball dinner, you provide logistical support for the ball set-up and you ensure guests follow the code of conduct during the ball dinner.

Marshals are expected to work in the set up of the ball, to keep guests happy and in order during the event, and to help clean up after the dinner. At that point marshals end their work and can enjoy the ball afterparty without any further obligation to work. Marshals also get a 50% discount on the tickets to the ball!

The marshals are recruited approximately 3 months before the ball. They are expected to attend a kick-off and several informational sessions. These will be arranged based on the needs of the marshals but will take no more than 5-6 occasions. The day before and day of the ball the marshals are expected to help with the practical setting up work as required, and to work during the ball as per the marshal role.

The fulltimer responsible for the marshals is the Event Coordinator. The marshals also have a Head Marshal who is the one who will call meetings and otherwise be the main contact point for information. This is the person to contact with any issues or questions.

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The Ball Committee

The Ball Committee is the committee that makes the ball possible! As a member of the Ball Committee you attend meetings of the whole Ball Committee, you arrange and attend smaller working group meetings, you contribute to planning, in the main group and in individual working groups as well as take part in logistical planning in the lead up to and during the ball day!

Meetings tend to occur during the fall semester but are concentrated to the 4 months leading up to the ball around once per week. Members would also be a part of a smaller working group which meets on a more flexible basis. In the 2-3 weeks leading up to the ball more logistical and practical work is needed, which could take around 3-4 hours a week. The day before and day of the ball the project group is expected to help with the practical setting up work as required.

The project group is recruited in the fall and works from then until the ball in spring. Members of the ball project group count as active members and get all associated perks. They also receive a discount on their ticket to the ball, the exact amount is decided by the board each year. The fulltimer responsible for the ball project group is the Event Coordinator. This is the person to contact with any issues or questions.