The Event Committee

The Event Committee plans lots of events during the year! Except for some traditional events such as the Christmas party and the Spring party, the team has a lot of freedom in proposing and creating events that they are interested in. For example we have previously planned: Halloween parties, sporting events, hikes, secondhand clothing markets, sittnings, pub quiz nights… AND MUCH MORE!

As a member of the Event Committee you will attend weekly meetings, collaborate in planning upcoming events and their logistical follow-through from the beginning till the very end (e.g. researching recipes, crafting decorations, preparing schedules, contacting sponsors, attending the planned events as a representative and worker of the student union…)

The Event Committee meetings roughly 1 hour every week or every two weeks depending on current workload. All members are not expected to attend all meetings but they should attend the majority. Members are also expected to contribute to the work preparing and executing the events, which usually represents anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours in the day(s) before an event.

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Christmas Dinner 2023
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