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Student rights

The List of Rights is a document that states the rights and obligations of students at Lund University. The list of rights has been adopted by the university and applies to Bachelor’s and Master’s students (first and second cycle). The List of Rights details rights and obligations relating to admission requirements and selection, the study environment, syllabi and timetables, tests and examinations, degree projects and course evaluations.

Your rights and obligations as a student towards the university and your department are regulated by the university’s policy and national laws and regulations.

You can find more information and the list of rights here.

The faculty has a routine for processing complaints related to the education. Read it closely to find out how you should go about filing your complaint. You are welcome to get in touch with the student union for support at any point of the process.

Routine and guidelines for educational related complaints (only in Swedish)

Student Safety Representative

As a Student Safety Representative for the Social Sciences Student Union, you act as the union’s eyes and ears at your department when it comes to work environment-related issues. It includes both the psychosocial work environment, such as bullying or harassment, and the physical work environment, such as poor lighting or ventilation in lecture halls. You’ll be the one the students at your department can turn to in these matters.

The position includes:

  • reporting work environment-related issues to the HSSO.
  • participating in the annual safety rounds – a walk around the department with safety representatives and representatives from the department.
  • attending SSO meetings with representatives of the other departments and the HSSO.

In exchange you get the opportunity to get (receive) education in work environment, valuable experience in representing students towards the university and a good merit of having been a student safety representative.

If you have questions or are worried about your working environment as a student, you can contact your student safety representative (SSO). You can find who is the student safety representative at each department by clicking further at the bottom of the page.

Head Student Safety Representative is the Presidial responsible for General Faculty Matters. They can be reached at

Do you want to be a student representative?

At Lund University, us students have a lot of power. Wherever the education is planned there are opportunities for the students to take part and have influence. As a student representative, you can influence course syllabi, literature lists, pedagogics, equality, work- and study environments, quality and a lot more. The student representatives are elected by the student union.

All student representatives at a particular department are members of that department’s Study Council. The Study Council convenes to discuss current matters at their department and what they want to see change. You can also turn to your Study Council for support and guidance with any questions you have as a student representative.

As a student representative, you also gain valuable experiences for your future jobs. You will very early on learn about governmental authority, organisational development, board work and rights and regulations. As a student representative, you also gain valuable experiences for your future jobs. You will very early on learn about governmental authority, organisational development, board work and rights and regulations.

Apply to become a student representative here.

Any further questions? Send an email to

Study Council

At departments with enough student representatives, the student union has a Study Council. This council gathers all the student representatives and decides on what questions to push for and how. To become a part of a Study Council, candidate to become a student representative.

If you department is lacking a Study Council, you can start one! Reach out to to learn more.

Each Study Council is coordinated by a Chairperson, who organizes the meetings and keep in touch with the student representatives in the council. The Chairperson also represents their Study Council and the students of their department as a Member of the Education Committee. To learn more about the role of Study Council Chairperson, email

The Chairperson of each Study Council is elected by the student union.

Click on one of the links to the department pages down below, in order to see our student representatives at that department. Perhaps you’ll find a vacant position that you’ll want to candidate for?