Graduate School

As a student representative at department level you are either a part of the department board or the program steering group’s work. You are a part of the decision making processes that regard budget, syllabi, litterature lists and focus questions for the department etcetera. In your position you put forward the student perspective on the work of the department.

You do not need any prior experience, you just need an interest in educational matters and a will to better your education and put forward the opinions of your peers.

Study Council Chairperson


Student Safety Representative

Elsa Hilltorp

Graduate School Board

Ordinary – Elsa Hilltorp

Ordinary – Patrycja Natołoczna

Ordinary – Vitus Mayr

Ordinary – Mason Hay

Ordinary – Angela Kinyanjui

Alternate – Vacant

Alternate – Vacant

Alternate – Vacant

Alternate – Vacant

Alternate – Vacant

The Graduate School Board is the highest decision-making organ of Graduate School, and makes important strategic decisions about the education offered at Graduate School. The Board usually convenes three times per semester. The Board works in English.

Equality Group

Ordinary – Vacant

Alternate – Vacant

The Equality and Diversity Group has the task to identify risks and propose measures to promote equitable conditions for all students as well as staff. The group works in English.

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